Sévane Garibian

Sévane Garibian is Doctor of Law from the Universities of Paris X and Geneva, Assistant Professor (Grantholder of Excellence UNIGE 2011) at the University of Geneva and Lecturer at the University of Neuchâtel, where she teaches Legal Philosophy and International Criminal Law. Her work focuses on issues related to Law facing State Crimes (domains: International Criminal Justice, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, “Memorial Law”). Swiss National Science Foundation post-doctoral Research Fellow (2008-2012), Visiting Fellow at the University of Buenos Aires (2008-2011) and at the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona (starting from 2012), she is currently working on the legal treatment of the dictatorial past in Argentina and Spain (monograph in preparation). Sévane Garibian is the author of numerous papers and contributions to anthologies, as well as two books: Le crime contre l’humanité au regard des principes fondateurs de l’Etat moderne. Naissance et consécration d’un concept, Schulthess, LGDJ, Bruylant, Geneva, Paris, Bruxels, 2009 (578 p.), and Normas, valores, poderes. Ensayos sobre Positivismo y Derecho internacional (co-author Alberto Puppo), Fontamara, Doctrina Juridica, México, 2010.
Her contribution to the Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide project is particularly focused on questions raised by the absence of corpses – the disappeared “body of the crime” – and the way to deal with it threw the language of Law: how does Law embody, incorporate, disappearance and its victims? What are its scope, impact and limits? In which way can Law represent a resistance to disappearance, in the very specific context of post-mass violence or genocide built on the systematic effacement of its victims’ bodies/corpses?

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