Dr Elisabeth Anstett

Dr Elisabeth Anstett is a social anthropologist researcher at the CNRS since October 2009, and member of IRIS (Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Social issues). Her area of expertise covers Europe and the post-socialist world, on which she has extensively published. Her recent works focus on the way post-soviet societies are dealing with the traces left by the Soviet concentration camp system, among which are mass graves, and more broadly on the legacies of mass violence in eastern Europe, especially in Russia and Byelorussia. She has published, among other works: Une Atlantide russe, anthropologie de la mémoire en Russie postsoviétique (Paris, La Découverte, 2007) and Le Goulag en héritage, pour une anthropologie de la trace (with Luba Jurgenson (eds), Paris, Pétra, 2009).
In the frame of this research programme, she is working on exhumation processes, especially on those occuring with a late forward-effect, and questionning their symbolic, social and religious stakes.