Dr Gaetano Dato

Gaetano Dato received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Trieste in April 2013. His research concerns the interpretation and the representation of the World Wars’ history, as emerged in Trieste’s multi-ethnic area through its main sites of memory. His dissertation was awarded by the Slovenian Research Institute – Slori award for phd dissertation in September 2013, and by the Republic of Slovenia – Office for Slovenians Abroad, in May 2014.

In 2014 Gaetano also published the monograph Vergarolla, 18 agosto 1946, gli Enigmi di una Strage tra Conflitto Mondiale e Guerra Fredda (Vergarolla, 18th August 1946: The enigmas of a massacre between the WW2 and Cold War) (LEG editions. Intelligence documents from Washington DC, London, Rome and Zagreb), are the sources of a book that for the first time scientifically enquires into the terrorist bomb attack of Vergarolla, Allied Military Government Venezia Giulia Zone A, which killed 65 people. The volume was presented at the Italian Parliament in June 2014 due to the Government’s initiative to establish an international historical commission to investigate the massacre. He is a member of Risiera di San Sabba museum board, and an executive of the scientific committee of “Istituto regionale per la storia del movimento di liberazione in Friuli Venezia Giulia”. Gaetano has held several posts in Public History since 2008, and was a contracted researcher in 2006-2007 in an Interreg project (I-SLO) on the history of labour in North Adriatic ports.  He has written for a number of journals including Acta Histriae, Memoria e Ricerca, West Croatian History Journal and Southeastern Europe.

Since 2014 Gaetano Dato has been a Research Associate of the Corpses of mass violence and genocide programme.

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