Adam Jones Global Photo Archive

Potocari Photo ADAM JONESJones’ photographs are posted under a Creative Commons license to hisFlickr page online, and can be freely used in any of your educational or publication projects, if appropriate credit is provided. High-resolution versions of any of his full-colour photos can be downloaded for publication or exhibition. Click on the “…” symbol at bottom right of any photo, and choose “View All Sizes” then “Original” to access the hi-res version.
In 2012, Jones photographed extensively around Rwanda and inside particular genocide memorial sites. These images are available under a Creative Commons license for the general Rwanda shots (see, and a slightly more restrictive license for the interiors of genocide memorials (see — caution: graphic content).
Majdanek concentration camp ( the first major camp to be liberated by Soviet forces, Majdanek is well-preserved to the present. It includes the only two intact Nazi gas chambers that were actually used in mass killings (Dachau has one that was never used; those in Auschwitz-Birkenau’s crematoria were demolished/dynamited by the Nazis; those of the Operation Reinhard death camps — Belzec, Treblinka, Sobibor — were dismantled with the rest of the camp infrastructure before evacuation.) Majdanek is not generally classed as a “death camp” (a purpose-built extermination centre), but about 78,000 prisoners are believed to have been murdered there.
The Lodz gallery ( includes photos from sites associated with the Litzmannstadt (Lodz) ghetto during the Second World War (; the principal Jewish cemetery, largest in Europe; and the Radegast train station from which Jews were deported to death camps (

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