Conference – Genocide in Srebrenica: towards a long-lasting memory

SrebrenicaThe Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks has organised the international conference “Genocide in Srebrenica: towards a long-lasting memory” to be held on 12 and 13 May 2015 at the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in Sarajevo.

The 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide will be marked on 11 July 2015. The Srebrenica genocide is the worst massacre to have occurred on European soil since the Holocaust where at least 8,372 Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) men and boys were systematically executed by Bosnian Serb Army and Police. The genocide in 1995 was preceded by massacres and “ethnic cleansing“ throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina since the start of the war in 1992.

Conducted in English and Bosnian, the conference will open up the floor for dialogue about genocide denial, collective memory and remembrance.

As a part of the conference program, the exhibition “Mass graves in Bosnia and Herzegovina” from Muhamed Mujkić will also be opened on May 11, in the lobby of Ghazi Husrev – bey’s library at 19:00. The exhibition will run until 20 May.

For the full list of speakers and for more information please see here.

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