Just published: "Exhuming the defeated: Civil War mass graves in 21st-century Spain", by Francisco Ferrándiz

Francisco FERRÁNDIZ, social anthropologist at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council), has just published an article in the last issue (Vol 40, n°1, february 2013) of the journal American Anthropologist, dealing with exhumations occuring in Spain. The exhumations of two mass graves in a small Spanish village, conducted eight years apart, illustrate changing attitudes towards and procedures related to Civil War (1936–39) disinterments over the last decade. The sudden public visibility oLink to full-size graphical abstractf skeletons of civilians executed by Francisco Franco’s paramilitary has triggered heated debates both about how to handle these remains in a consolidated democratic state and what to make of related judicial and institutional initiatives.
To read more : see here.

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